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We provide consultation, essentially sharing our knowledge and expertise with individuals or organizations who may benefit from occupational therapy. This could include clients, educators, employers, healthcare providers, or anyone else who is interested in understanding how occupational therapy can support their needs or goals.


Detailed evaluations are a crucial part of the occupational therapy process, as they help us assess the individual’s strengths, challenges, and goals related to their daily activities or occupations. Based on the results of the evaluation, we will then develop a plan of care that outlines goals and strategies for addressing the individual’s challenges and improving their ability to engage in daily activities.

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Individualized Education Plan

Our team can play an important role in the development and implementation of individualized education plans (IEPs) for students with disabilities. By working collaboratively with educators and other professionals, our clinicians can help ensure that the student’s unique needs and strengths are considered in the development of their IEP, and that appropriate supports are provided to help them succeed in school.

Therapeutic Activities

We use a variety of therapeutic activities to help individuals improve their ability to engage in daily activities, address challenges related to physical or cognitive impairments, and achieve their goals for participation in work, leisure, or self-care.

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Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercises is type of treatment to help individuals improve their physical function, range of motion, strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. Our team tailors to the individual’s unique needs and goals, and are design them to help improve their physical function, reduce pain and discomfort, and achieve their goals for participation in daily activities.

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Self-Care Training

Self-care training is a type of intervention we use to help individuals develop the skills and strategies needed to independently perform activities of daily living (ADLs) that include bathing, grooming, dressing, feeding, and toileting.

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